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Episode: Sex Education
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Update Summary:
C-lo got into to trouble today in school again. This time it was in his sex ed. class. Mrs. Milano was sick of his childish antics so she gave him detention after school. Like always c-lo was late. He obviously didn't take this class very seriously and showed it. So Mrs. Milano did what every teacher does in Milf University when they miss behave. She fucks the shit out of them. Oh Mrs. Milano was hot. She had this awesom tanned body with these sexy tan lines. She was smoking, thick thighs, big delicious ass that was round and firm. Her titties were perky and soft to the touch. This is easily one of my favorite teachers in school. So you got to check this out its gonna rock your socks off!

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Episode: Mrs. Mikayla gets her screws fixed
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Update Summary:
I was at detention again this week. I wasn't alone this time to witness the craziness that happens in detention. Tony the school repairman came in to see if Mrs.Mikalya needed any help fixing anything before he clocked out. The next thing Mrs. Mikayla's on her knees sucking his cock! I couldn't believe it and when she noticed she sent me to the board to write "I wont stare at Mrs. Mikayla sucking cock" 200x times. Later she dismissed the class and started fucking him on my seat and on her desk. A lot of crazy things happen in my school I'm just glad I have detention tomorrow.

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Episode: Show and Tell
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Update Summary:
It was 6th period last class of the day. The teacher Ms. Bellucci was having a show and tell today, i was nervous because i never spoke in front of the class before and my peers aren't exaclty the listening type. After my presentation and a harsh heckling from the audience I sat back down and the teacher called the next student. It was Julius, I knew something was up when i saw that smirk on his face. He had said that for his presentation he was going to show us something that he got from his sisters room. What a surprise! He pulled out a dildo to show the class...everybody was in an uproar Ms. Bellucci was so pissed she dismissed the class immediatly and made Julius stay after so she could have a discussion with him. I couldn't wait to see that trouble maker get what he deserves so much so that i peeped what was about to happen through the front door...little did i know that Julius was going to fuck Ms. Bellucci.

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Episode: getting a[head] in school
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Update Summary:
Julius was always a curious boy. He was always wondering how the world worked and why. Today he had his first erection when he sat next to the prettiest girl in class. He didn't know what to do. She noticed and taunted him tellin him that he couldn't have her and that he wasn't good enough. But this only aroussed him further. He bagan to stroke his cock in class, hoping that it would make this girl undress and caress it with her mouth. But reality as if a slap to the face goaded him, the teacher mrs. Victoria called to him to answer a question on the board. Julius panicked how will be able to get up with it being up. He had to swallow his pride and rise. As he rose the whole class got a look at the massive tent that was bulging out of his khaki pants. All the students laughed and ridiculed him, but not mrs. Victoria, she just stared in utter amazement. Julius determined to not let this get him done proudly walked to the front of the class and answered the question correctly, finished and sat back down. Afterward Mrs. Victoria dismissed the class and asked Julius to stay after class. Julius thought he was introuble, that is until the teacher fucked him on the desk.

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Episode: My dad slammed Mrs. Holly!
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Update Summary:
You wouldn't believe what happened today at school. I was misbehaving as usual, but today it seems i must of hit a boiling point with my teacher because she made me stay after school. She told me that she couldn't take it anymore and that she called my father to have a confrence with him. She even went far enough to make me write on the chalkboard, " i will behave." I was pissed at her and called her a bitch... what a mistake. I havent been spanked since i was six and she made me feel like a little kid but not in a good way. What was more embarressing was my dad walked in the middle of the whole thing. My dad and Mrs. Holly talked it out and eventually came to a conclusion. The only way i dont expelled is if my dad FUCKS Mrs. Holly!

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Episode: double detention penetration
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Update Summary:
So ok i know you've heard stories from other students before about the milf teacher they fucked on their summer break or whatever. But how many of you ever heard of going to detention and you and your buddy end up doing the ol` double D on Mrs. SheilaMarie. Well thats what happened. Clo fucking her from one end and cubo fucking her from the other, both stretching her wide open and thrusting their cocks in the ol` in out motion. She loved it and she wanted more she wanted it in her ass, she wanted it deep inside and best of all she wanted us to come on her tits. So forget all the other stories you ever heard because the real deal!

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